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Digital Transformation in Education

Our world is experiencing a forced digital transformation. The global pandemic has disrupted our daily lives forcing us to view our daily life in very different ways. It has shined a spotlight on our human need for interpersonal connection. We understand better than ever, the power when we meet as communal animals. How we share…
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October 13, 2020 0
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Reflections on a great blog post about DMCs and DMOs

Great points in this article from Padraic Gilligan.  As I reflect on it… In the digital age, “human” is more important than ever. Companies that understand technology but do not lose sight of human connection and experience will win. If we look to other markets that have been disrupted by digital evolution. We can get…
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November 30, 2019 0
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Reflection on a provocative LinkedIn post.

Several weeks ago, I posted a provocative LinkedIn post that openly questioned the rule of engagement and power dynamics in the live event industry. It questioned the supplier/buyer relationship and the systems that exist to support it. Admittedly the post was crudely written which served a purpose. Why be crude? People love to correct ignorance. I…
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November 4, 2019 0

Creating Transformative Experiences.

Our industry has spent the last 5 years talking about how important it is to design experiences. This aim is undeniably true. However, it is time to shift the conversation towards how the live event experience we design can have transformational power. Why is it important? Because the experiences that do not create behaviour changes yield…
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July 1, 2019 0